About Red Aloha

About Red Aloha Online Marketing Management

Red Aloha is a Honolulu based marketing services organization.  We serve small and solo businesses – acquiring more leads, converting those leads to customers, and generating more revenue from existing leads and customers.

Red Aloha, LLC is committed to increasing your business, through your online marketing.

The online marketing landscape is changing very quickly – and right now is the be st time to invest in online marketing for your business.

Return on investment is higher with marketing dollars spent online (in the form of paid search, search engine optimization, and email marketing, for example) is often in the 3x-10x range – but it will drop as more businesses start optimizing their online marketing efforts.

You may not understand all these types of marketing – or how to prioritize your efforts to get the most bang for the buck.

This is where we come in.

We will optimize your marketing efforts, so you attract more of your ideal prospects  – and then convert more of them into good paying customers.

Our Single Goal:  Increase your revenue and profits.

We handle every aspect of your internet marketing for you, leaving you free to focus on your own strengths in the business.

About Sid Savara

Sid Savara is an online business consultant, teacher, coach and speaker.

Sid has been seen in a variety of media including Fortune, CNN Money, Time, CBS News, MSNBC, Lifehacker among others.

In addition to consulting and training, Sid has spoken at conferences around the world about online marketing and web presence.  He has spoken at events such as New Media Expo, WordCamp, Podcamp, Unconference and has been featured in books and podcasts.  

Sid remains committed to Honolulu businesses and is very active in the local community.

He is the founder of the Oahu Linchpin Meetup, an Organizer for the Oahu Online Entrepreneurs, a mentor (along with Andy Fossett) of the Oahu Online Mastermind, and has been a guest multiple times on Hawaii Public Radio to discuss technology and online trends.

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